Interior & Exterior Inspections

AHOD’s “On Watch” services protects your home while you are away. Whether it’s your primary home or a vacation home, we will conduct scheduled exterior and interior inspections to ensure that all is well.

Our exterior inspections include:

  • Ensure exterior doors and windows are secure

  • Collect mail, flyers, newspapers, etc.

  • Check exterior security lighting

  • Check roofing, shingles, gutters etc. for signs of damage

  • Walk the grounds and perimeter to identify any issues

And more..

Our interior inspections include:

  • Test interior lighting

  • Test smoke detectors

  • Check temperature and HVAC systems

  • Check plumbing

  • Inspect interior for signs of roof leaks

  • Water and electric meter readings

  • Check for musty odors, signs of moisture or mildew

  • Check/arm security system (if applicable)

And more…

When AHOD finds an issue we can often fix it for you or coordinate a local service provider to do so.

Pricing depends upon the frequency of our visits and the size of your home.

Typical pricing is $40 for one monthly visit and $65 for two visits a month.

On Watch Services