Furniture Protection and Storage

AHOD’s “On-Deck” services focus on the exterior of your home.

Our flagship service is aimed at protecting your outdoor furniture, living areas, and other items  from damage over the brutal winter months.

During the Fall & Winter, we can provide you with one or a combination of the following services:

  • Cover your outdoor furniture and outdoor living essentials with our high quality thermowrap

  • Remove your furniture and store it in our temperature controlled warehouse

  • Move and store your items to a storage area on your property

And when the weather warms up, All Hands on Deck will return in the Spring to clean your furniture and move it back to where it belongs.

In addition outdoor furniture protection and storage, AHOD offer other services such as:

  • Weather protection/thermowrap of other items (grills, AC units, bikes, etc…)

  • On-site pre-season cleaning & set-up of outdoor furniture

  • Screen removal, storage, cleaning & reinstallation

  • Awning removal, storage, cleaning & re-installation

  • Exterior power-washing

Pricing is based on time, materials and the size & number of items to be cleaned, protected or stored. We are confident we can craft a solution which fits your needs and budget.